Life vs. Design, and Rug Woes

Hey everyone!

So my life has finally clashed with my design.  I knew this day would come.  It always does.  Life is random, and messy, and uncoordinated at times.  And when those times hit in the middle of a major remodel, design takes a backseat for awhile…or you change it.  We have been busy.  But in a good way.  Just a few weeks ago my husband and I took 30+ Calvary University students on a ten-day chorale tour for recruitment.  We traveled to Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Nebraska.  Our design was put on a two-week hold because of it.  And it was needed.  My soul was refreshed and energized.  I was ready to get back to life, taking care of our family.  Only taking care of them in a way every mom dreads.  Sickness hit our home, so when I think our schedules and routines are just getting back into normalcy, sickness rears its ugly head.  At first it was just our daughter.  She came home from school on a Friday not feeling well, and by Monday 5/5 of us were sick.  And for both Dad and Mom to be sick?  WOW.  That’s never happened to us before.  Thankfully my husband was taking a turn for the better as I was heading into the thick of it.  We seem to be recovering except for our littlest, Gideon.  The doctor is calling my name for tomorrow…

The built-in bookcases are almost complete.  We just have a few touch-ups and the crown moulding to install.  My task this week is to paint the beadboard and get the house back in order.  A good Spring deep-clean is calling my name people.  I can just smell this house as it airs out.  In fact, we opened up our windows today and turned the attic fan on and will leave it running most of the night.  Fresh air does so much good for a home and this family.  We spent 14 days cooped up because Springtime in Kansas City means rain.  Every day.  So much so, that the ground never had a chance to dry out.  But the the sun appeared in all its glory this last Friday.  Most of Kansas City went outdoors.  I even sat in my driveway while the warmth soaked into my skin.  NOT caring that I was late going somewhere or that the kids weren’t getting in the car like I told them for the billionth time.  It has been glorious.

Once the living room is back to a sense of normalcy, cleaning has commenced, then I can start styling those shelves.  This is the hardest part of design for me, honestly.  I love all the little trinkets and one-of-a-kind things I’ve collected over the years, but I seem to have trouble making sense of them in the finished space.  It looks too cluttered with small objects.  I am hoping by styling the bookshelves with some of the things I can break them up throughout the space.  Plus, the more “things” you have, the more you have to clean.  And right now I’ll reduce anything to make cleaning our home easier.  So if you have any tips or tricks to make this final step easier, I’d love to hear it!

I am also sourcing artwork for the room.  I made a mistake on my drafting elevation.  There’s not as much room between the top of the piano and the shelves that run over the alcove.  And our lighting hangs down into that space, making artwork hard.  The available opening is about 18-22″x 36-42″.  Not standard at all.  I talked with a friend about a custom abstract painting in bold colors so you can see it behind the light.  She has done another painting for our bedroom that we LOVE.  I think I just need to grab my paint deck and start sourcing colors and playing with them to find a good balance.  I usually reserve art for last, once I have all the bigger pieces finished:  furniture, drapes, a rug.  YOU GUYS THE RUG…

Safavieh Blossom in Green

Isn’t she gorgeous?!  Wool.  Colorful.  Bold Pattern.  Depth.  My husband loves this one.  Oh by the way…it’s sold out in the size I need.  Blasphemy.  Personally I’m hoping it will come back in stock, but it’s not likely.  We could have purchased it first, but we need a new fridge more than a rug.  Sometimes adulting is hard.  And you just want the rug.  But making rational choices comes first in this family of five.  *SIGHS, puts on mourning veil*  

I know the choice should be easier every time I have to make it, but sometimes it’s just not.  Don’t get me wrong here:  I will love the fridge we get.  Want to know why?  Because anything newer than what we have will be ten times better.  I am so thankful we have this fridge.  We didn’t have to purchase one right away as a young married couple, with this being our first and only home.  The previous owners left all the appliances except for a microwave and deep freezer.  Such a huge blessing to us.  And over the years we have replaced them as they wore out and died off.  Mark my words.  This fridge will outlive us all.  It was already from the mid-late 80’s when we bought the house.  Over time the handles have chipped off, causing some serious pinching when grabbed just the right way.  The bottom panel fell off the clips because they broke and cannot be fixed…so we can see the drip pan.  Classy.  And it gets louder and louder every day.  I’m not surprised it hasn’t spontaneously combusted by now!  It’s a classic example of how things were made to last.  And I am so grateful it has lasted this long.

It seems that every time we design a space in our home, life throws a big curveball so the intended design doesn’t end up just as envisioned.  This is the classic Life vs. Design battle that most designers go through on a regular basis…whether it’s with their clients or themselves.  It just so happens to be ourselves this time around.  The original design plan was centered around the built-ins and that rug.  I really really really didn’t want to be flexible this time.  Rarely does my vision for a space end up the way I imagine.  Most of the time for the better.  So with that in mind, we are taking the time to research what we want in a fridge before it randomly dies on us…I mean really it just needs to make ice and be the color black.  The rug will come later.  Hopefully this year.  But if not?  It’s back to sourcing for another one.  And maybe the next one that catches our eye will be incredible and we’ll think remember that rug we both loved?  Ha!  That thing was ghastly!  And down the road in life we’ll look back on this design plan and either think: we love it, OR, what were we thinking?!? 

Man this was a lot of writing this time.  Not so many pretty pictures.  I am hoping to have some really pretty finished pictures of the bookcases all styled and in use in a couple weeks.  If you want sneak peeks, follow my Instagram The Shelved Life Blog.  You’ll also see some cute pictures of my kiddos, the hubby, and my love of YA Fiction.  Join me!


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